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The .Com domain price rise: An analysis for the future


While searching for domains, the .com domain is the most common domain extension you’re likely to land yourself into. Businesses are always in need of new ways to get noticed online. A domain name extension is one of those areas which gives the website an edge when it is being noticed by visitors. .com domain name is one of the oldest domains since the internet. Another favorite extension of...

5 Things to know before buying expired domains for business


An expired domain or an aftermarket domain is the one that has already been registered (and practically not being used by anyone!). There are a number of reasons why people buy expired domains. For example, if a domain name is seen by Google as an authority site, the domain name is quite a in demand. In other cases, if valuable backlinks are pointing to the domain, the domain is very promising to...

5 mistakes you should avoid while choosing a domain name


A Domain name is of prime value if you are into a business. Having a website is important for business. Not only does it portray an online presence, it also opens new avenues for business. Your domain name is the difference between you and your competitors.  Whether it is a new project or rebranding of another one, a domain name is of much value. A domain rating checker can clearly show you how...

How are domain names organized and managed?


Domain names are organized in specialized databases. These databases are part of the worldwide system of domain registrars. The mapping of IP names corresponding to human-readable hostnames is done via DNS (Domain Name System). The domain names are a combination of second-level domains and top-level domains. The second-level domain is the human-readable hostname of the domain. The other type Top...

How much do nTLDs cost?


nTLDS are New Top-Level Domains that are approved by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ICANN. New TLDs include domains like .apartments, .app, .catering and .center. If you want to get an nTLD approved, there is a specific process that needs to be undertaken. ICANN reviews the request. The request of domain should comply with the points mentioned under the Applicant...

What is gTLD?


A gTLD is acronym for Generic Top-level domain. The gTLDs contain the most recognizable Top-level domains like .com, .org and .net. In addition to this, other generic options like .biz and .info are also considered generic top-level domains.  The generic domains are inherently loosely coupled with the type of domain being registered. However, while registering a domain, it is always advisable to...

Why Registering the right top-level domain is essential for business?


A Top-level domain has the tendency to boost the status of your business to the next level. Registering the Right domain is important for your business popularity and search engine rankings. It should be very well thought of and above all, it should be available for domain registration. A lot of companies do domain buy or sell the business and their focus is on TLDs. Together Top-level domains...

How to Register a domain in 5 easy steps


Planning to start a new business? You need to register a domain if you need a business website for the purpose. Or even if you’re planning to start a blog. You need to find a domain name that suits your niche to get started with it. Why do I need a domain? In order to have a digital identity, businesses need a website to showcase their services. If you are planning for a business or a blog...

Buying and Selling Domain Names – A Guide to Make Money with Domains


A good business opportunity is buying and selling domain names. Making money with domain parking is a way to start making money online. A lot of youngsters are willing to try their luck in this area. If you wish to know about domain businesses, sit back, relax and scroll down. We are going to cover the most popular ways to handle domains smartly for a profitable business: Buy or Sell domains:...

Wish to buy expired domains? Here’s an insight to Dropped Domains


A good way to expand your domain portfolio is to buy expired domains. With that said, the icing on the cake maybe if you get the expired domain for free. Whether it is once-popular “death-curse” or “family-fun”, a lot of domains expire on a daily basis. A good way to expand your business is to rebrand it with any of the dropped domains out there! What have dropped domains? IF you are into...

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