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The .Com domain price rise: An analysis for the future


While searching for domains, the .com domain is the most common domain extension you’re likely to land yourself into. Businesses are always in need of new ways to get noticed online. A domain name extension is one of those areas which gives the website an edge when it is being noticed by visitors. .com domain name is one of the oldest domains since the internet. Another favorite extension of domain holders is .net.

The .COM Price Is Rising

Like everything else in cyberspace, the pricing of domain registration is also getting higher. With that said, since the .com domain is a preferred choice of various domain owners, Owners with the .com domain know that this extension is not going anywhere. So, they always hold it for a little longer. This has resulted in a price rise of the .com domain.

Why is the price rising so steadily?

There are a couple of reasons for the rise in prices. The first is, since .com is in high demand, Verisign, a global domain registry provider, has made a deal with ICANN to increase the price after 9 years. The last time it was done was in the year 2012. The deal states that Verisign is allowed to increase the price of the .com domain by a total of 7% every year from 2021 to 2023.

After this, there will be a two-year “freeze” in price rise. This will be followed by another three-four years of price increase (again 7% each) followed by another two years of “freeze”. This cycle will continue for the next ten years.

Sounds like a lot of Math?! Simply put, in ten years, the price of a .com domain is expected to increase by 70%.

So, If you wish to book a .com domain, go for a reliable marketplace and get a .com domain without further ado.


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