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5 tips to protect domain holders from domain hijacking


Domain hijacking is a common problem that is faced by domain holders today. For most domain holders, Domain names are an integral part of their business. Domain names are considered valuable assets that should be dealt with “Care”.

How to stay safe online from domain hijacking?

To stay safe from domain hijacking, domain holders need to be vigilant. Hacktivists all over the internet have robust mechanisms and techniques to attack their targets. Following are a few proven strategies for domain holders to keep their domains safe from cyber-attacks.

  • Register with that email id that is not connected to your domain

When you request a domain name, the information you enter is made public via the WHOIS record. To avoid public disclosure of your email, it is best to use an id that isn’t registered with any domain.

  • Enable multi-factor authentication

Some registrars offer a two-step verification when they receive a request for domain transfer. With this, a unique security code is sent to your device (like a smartphone) or email. Once you assure the registrar of your identity, only then will they process the transfer request. Otherwise it is considered as domain hijacking. 

  • Create unique password

Cybercriminals are always in search for leaked credentials. Thus, a strong password is the key to a secured domain.  Other attempts like Brute force attack is also possible to know what passwords you use. Thus, creating unique passwords with a good combination of Alphanumeric values is a plus.

  • Enable transfer lock on domain name

A Transfer lock protects your domain from domain hijacking. It adds another layer of security to your domain. It depends on the registrar how your transfer lock will be implemented. For example, some registers check for authorizations via multi-factor authentication (as mentioned above).

  • Don’t share passwords with any colleagues

Many times, domain holders share passwords with company employees. This in turn makes it a threat for the company and domain holder. The best practice is to never share passwords with anyone. An ex-employee may also exploit a domain name if he or she has got privileges.


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