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What to look out for when buying expired domains?


Expired domains or dropped domains have a better and higher domain authority than a new domain name. A domain with higher page authority is an opportunity to snag since it is where your domain will rank better on search engines right from the start. However, buying a dropped or expired domain should never be in haste. Here are some key metrics to look for when buying dropped or expired domain names.

What to watch out for when buying an expired domain?

There are many things to check before you take the decision of buying a dropped or expired domain.

  • Look out for Spam

Any spammy link or backlink on the website is a red flag. If ever the domain has been used for spam, it is a big indicator that you should Not buy it for your business no matter how catchy the name is. Spammy content includes Duplicate content, Signs of hacking,  inappropriate keywords and Unsafe content that lead to malicious code being downloaded.

  • Check domain authority

There are various online tools to check domain page authority such as Moz, SemRush etc. If the domain has a low ranking, it is better not to go for it in the first place.

  • Check if the domain has been banned

Search engines keep a check on content being used for advertising. Many times, Google AdSense blocks a certain domain because of violation of terms and conditions. Look out for such domains. With such a domain, you won’t be able to set up advertising campaigns on the website, making monetization a lot harder.

  • Look out for Trademarks

Any registered trademark will get you landed in trouble if you buy a similar name with an expired domain. Looking for trademarks in the first place is going to protect you from a lot of headaches later on. You can use any online Trademark Search Engine for that purpose.

Securing expired domain with Back orders

The domain buy and sell processes are very quick. People who wish to snag a domain keep an eye on its expiry sooner than any other party can grab. Thus, in order to have a particular domain that is being expired or being dropped, it is best to secure the domain with a backorder. This way, you can easily monitor domain names that are still registered.


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