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What Domain name owners should do to avoid domain scams?


Domain owners are the foremost target of people who are involved in online scams. In the modern era of cybersecurity, Domain owners must be very vigilant against cyber-crimes. There are high chances that domain names can be targeted with scams. Scams often result in financial losses or tax frauds. Domain owners must be aware of the many scams that they can fall prey to.

What threats can occur to domain names?

  • Domain Slamming

Domain slamming is when unethical domain name registrars send out notices to domain holders about renewing their domain name registration. They also are usually familiar looking to the end user and thus the domain owner falls prey to the scam. In reality, the billing information is of another New domain that they eventually register and end up paying a hefty amount to unethical domain registrars.

  • Fraud Website listing services

Many organizations claim that they can offer a good website listing for a long time and will also increase traffic on the domain. In reality, all of these activities can be easily done by the domain owner themselves. Such services not only bring the website down in Search engines list. The victims also end up paying a huge amount and what they get in return is loss for their origination.

  • Domain name registration scam

Many times domain owners get emails like another company is registering domain names similar to their brand. In reality, they wish to lure the victim into buying domain names to protect his domain identity. The victim usually ends up buying other domains in an amount much greater than the original domain offered by legitimate domain registers.

How to protect against domain scams?

  1. Know the expiry of your domain

More than half of the main scams revolve around the expiration of domain names. It is best to mark them on calendars and make sure you do not fall prey to Domain slamming.

  1. Domain locking

Ensure that your domain registrar offers a domain locking future. With this, you can name sure no one else in the world can register your domain without your permission.

  1. Create awareness amongst team

The best approach is to educate your teams and look for red flags

  1. Contact the Support team

When in doubt, contact the support and IT Team.


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