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Top key actions to do after buying a domain name


Thinking about buying a domain for a business? There are multiple options to go for based on various factors like domain availability, price, domain management. Setting up a domain is not an easy task. There’s a lot to cover once your business has a digital presence.

Why should domains be linked to social media?

In modern times, people spend more time on social media. If your domain is linked to a social media page, the page will look more professional and your customers might get landed on your social media page. This is another way to connect to your customers and take benefit from your business digital presence. In addition to linking domain with social media pages, here are 5 key actions which every domain admin should undertake after buying a domain.

  • Create a custom Email Address 

A domain specific email is necessary to make the email address look more professional. You can get it printed on business cards, mention that on a social media page, get customized coffee mugs and get your business name printed too. 

  • Develop your website

Once you get a domain name, it is essential to get a domain website. An intuitive website look is necessary to attract customers and spend time on your website. It is best to consider hiring a web developer for the purpose. 

  • Look for HTTPS Redirection

Security is an increasing concern these days. If you plan to buy a domain, it is essential that your website is a secured one. This not only looks more professional, but also enables trust with the customer so that they can feel comfortable staying on your website.

  • Trademark your business

A professional approach is to trademark your business. This is a growing trend in the business domain. More than one million people reportedly filed trademark applications in 2019 alone. Trademarking your business provides legal protection for your business.

  • Get a dedicated phone and Fax number

Just like a professional Email address, getting a dedicated phone number or a Fax number is also recommended to carry out business communications. You sure would never want to call from your personal number and look unprofessional, do you?

A cloud-based phone system is another option to go for. Cloud Voice solutions are easy to set up and cater to all types of organizations ranging from startups to enterprises.


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