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5 Things to know before buying expired domains for business


An expired domain or an aftermarket domain is the one that has already been registered (and practically not being used by anyone!). There are a number of reasons why people buy expired domains. For example, if a domain name is seen by Google as an authority site, the domain name is quite a in demand. In other cases, if valuable backlinks are pointing to the domain, the domain is very promising to get traffic.

Buying aftermarket & expired domains – tips and advice

  • Make sure it’s not SPAM

Before buying expired domains, make sure the domain is not spam. There is a huge chance it will affect your brand if the domain has been previously involved in some spam activity. There are many online sources that can verify this for you.

  • Check for the links (They must not be SPAM too!)

If the domain has a good number of backlinks, chances are it is going to be ranked on the search engine. However, if any of those links are spam or irrelevant to the domain, it is advised not to buy the domain in the first place.

  • Check out for bans

Many times, website monetization organizations like AdSense, bans certain domains for not adhering to third terms of services. If that’s the case, then you will not be able to monetize your website. So smart domain buying demands checking for a ban on such websites via their online checking tool like AdSense Sandbox.

  • Get to know search engine indexing

If the domain is indexed in any of the search engines, it is surely going to benefit your brand.  This way, you can be sure that the domain is not penalized. If a domain has been dropped or expired 5 times before, you need to be careful in taking it up again. It’s better to dig deep into the data of the domain and know any copyright infringements.  


  • Watch out for trademarks

Talking about copyrights, your next take should be on Trademarks. Many times, domain names are dropped because they violate certain trademark policies. For example, Google, Facebook and WordPress have registered trademarks and you can’t start a domain starting with these names. You can check out the US Trademark search engine to know if the domain name is good to take up or not. 

Go to the Right marketplace to buy your expired domain 

To avoid domain scams, it is a best practice to use an escrow service. This way, your domain will be bought/sold in a safe manner and safe payments are ensured. Our experts have deployed the best inline security and privacy protection standards to ensure state-of-the-art privacy protection. At iNET Systems, our domain experts regularly monitor the domains that are up for sale. The process is smooth and stress-free for the sellers. 

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