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5 mistakes you should avoid while choosing a domain name


A Domain name is of prime value if you are into a business. Having a website is important for business. Not only does it portray an online presence, it also opens new avenues for business. Your domain name is the difference between you and your competitors.  Whether it is a new project or rebranding of another one, a domain name is of much value. A domain rating checker can clearly show you how well your domain is doing within the SERP.

Many times, businesses fail to realize how important it is to choose the right domain name or they end up paying too much for the wrong domain. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid while choosing your domain name:

  • Choosing the wrong TLD

.com is the most popular TLD. However, if you try to adopt something other than that, it’s better to go for .org or .net. A ccTLD indicates you are serving in a particular country only. 

  • Misspelled words

There are words that are difficult to spell. Avoid using them in domain names. For example: flavourful or flavorful both are correct but the domain name can be mapped to only one of them. To avoid these confusions, it is better to register the right domain. Another similar mistake is choosing domains that are hard to spell.

  • Choosing a domain name similar to another

This is one basic mistake you need to avoid. After all, nobody wants their customers to get landed onto another business. It’s always wise to choose a unique domain name. however, never keep the business and domain similar by force. Always consider a business name that is available for a domain name too. So, never choose a domain whose .com/.net equivalent exists.


  • Keeping the domain name long

Long words are hard to remember and so are hard domains. The tech giant International Business Machine has kept its domain name Abbreviations are a good way to keep the domain name short and easy to remember. 

  • Choosing a domain with a trademark conflict

Trademark conflicts can be hefty. To stay on top of the domain rating checker, it is best to resolve trademark conflicts upon choosing the domain name.

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