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Wish to buy expired domains? Here’s an insight to Dropped Domains


A good way to expand your domain portfolio is to buy expired domains. With that said, the icing on the cake maybe if you get the expired domain for free. Whether it is once-popular “death-curse” or “family-fun”, a lot of domains expire on a daily basis. A good way to expand your business is to rebrand it with any of the dropped domains out there!

What have dropped domains?

IF you are into domains, you must know domains are registered for a certain period of time after which it has to be renewed. In order to keep it active, the payments for registration renewal have to be made. Some registrars give a grace period in case you fail to renew your domain. Once the grace period is over, it becomes an expired domain. Now all expired domains are not immediately considered as dropped ones. They are first put up in an auction. If it’s taken, it’s taken. If not, then the registrar puts it to the drop list. Now it is a dropped domain that is available to the general public.

What is the benefit of getting a dropped domain?

Now comes the tricky part, if a dropped domain related to your niche is available to the public, you can get a number of benefits like:

  • Start affiliate marketing related to your niche
  • Get a website that is already ranked in Search engine
  • Sell the name for a profit

Watch out for these key metrics when buying dropped domains

Before you get your hands on a dropped domain name and buy an expired domain, you must know a couple of things that reflect the domain’s legitimacy. Here are a few things you need to watch out:

  • Spam

If the domain has ever been used in spam, you need to drop it right away. There’s nothing worse than bringing your business a bad name when you have never spammed anyone yourself

  • Page authority

Domains that are dropped have high page authority. IF the Domain page authority of the dropped domain is high, it is best to go for it. It will help you rank better. Moz Tools are available to check the page authority of a dropped domain.


  • Block-listed domain

By blacklisted domain, we mean a domain that has been banned by Google AdSense. With this domain, you won’t be able to participate in Digital marketing campaigns with the involvement of this domain.

  • Trademarks

Before you buy dropped domains, it is important to check them for Trademarks.  You don’t want to get messed up in a lengthy legal battle, do you?

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Buy or Sell Domains with our interconnected robust ecosystem


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