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Before you begin with registering a domain name for your business, there are a lot of things to consider. A well-planned domain name can be fruitful for the overall business. Buying a domain name is a simple process, but finding the Right domain to buy, is the key.

You need to answer questions like: What is your business name and how your domain is going to be coherent with that? What are your budget allocations and what are your plans for the contract? All this needs to be figured out so as to keep a business inflow. Here are 5 things you MUST know before you register for a domain.

5 things to know before registering a domain with anyone

  • Check the competition

First things First, you need to check what your competitors are up to. You also must have a good look at leaders in the business area that you are focusing on. Note the keywords popular in that area. For example, if you are offering digital solutions, chances are that your domain has words like tech, techno, digi-something, digital etc., you’re going to get a higher rank at the search engine results.

  • Focus on Easy-to-type terms

No matter how verbose you are or how much your verbal competency is being followed, your customer is always going to love the simplest and easy to type terms. A domain like is more difficult to type than

  • Keep it short

This is a pro tip. If you keep your domain short, you are going to last longer in the cyber domain. A short domain is easy to remember, easy to type and even catchy to read. It’s great to get ideas from social media handles, especially if you are registering a domain for a client and not your own business.

  • Check with a Domain name registrar

If you are lucky, you’ll buy the domain name of your choice. However, that is a rare chance these days. It is best to find a Domain registrar. They provide results from search engines that are similar to what you prefer. For example, if your preferred domain says [mydomain].com isn’t available, you might get landed with [mydomain].biz or locations based domains like [mydomain].ca (if your client is from Canada)

  • The suffix factor

Talking about suffixes, .biz, .org and geographical bases like .au, .nl are common these days. Suffixes identify the top-level domain. The globally known and most popular domain is .com. A Good suffix requires a good budget.


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