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8 Best Practices To Secure Your Domain


Successful Cloud Business requires secure domain names that are free of prevalent threats that lurk in the present era. With cyber threats being successful more frequently, especially in the post-Covid era, it is important to secure your domain name from outsider threats.  Let’s look at some best practices for a secure domain name: 

  • Register from a Trustworthy Provider

First thing first, you need to be sure about the Provider. domain name registrars who are not reputable in the industry may lose their business, thus leaving your domain name at risk. A trustworthy Domain provider who has been around for a while is a good choice for your business domain name.

  • Use A VPN

Nowadays, Cyber threats are more common than ever before. A VPN in place helps protect the connection from compromises and helps protect data breach incidents. A good VPN is the key to secured access to your domain.

  • Register your domain for as long as 10 years

It’s quite common to miss a domain reminder and so you may lose your domain once it has expired. To avoid that, it is best to register the domain for the longest possible time like 10 years, and turn on auto-renewal.

  • Provide backup contact information

Many times domains expire only because the buyer’s primary contact information is obsolete in ten or so years.  Thus alternate contact information must be there so you can be contacted when needed. 

  • Provide a second payment method

Often it is seen that domain buyers’ primary payment method has expired or is no longer valid and so they lose access to their domain since the dues are not paid. The alternate payment mechanism can minimize such a risk.

  • Get the Registrar lock service

A register lock prevents hacktivists from doing the transfer requests. A domain with a registrar lock works the same as all other domains. This is a simple setting in the dashboard provided by your domain name provider.


  • A good Password is a key

Do you know a successful brute force attack can get hacktivists to easily guess your password unless it is very complicated? So, a good combination of words and numbers is essential to keep your domain protected.

  • Manage Domains yourself

Many times domain owners hand over domain management to others (who work for them). This is not a good security practice. Any other employees who know your credentials can steal your domain. So, safety first: Manage domains yourself.

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