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Parked Domains vs Addon Domains | A Comparison


Parked domains and Addon domains both provide value to businesses. A parked domain is a domain that you purchase and get registered for future use and it does not serve the prime purpose of your business or service. An Addon domain is one that is an additional domain in addition to the existing business domain. Both of these can be managed via a single control panel. Thus they can be added to the same Panel on which your primary domain is hosted.

Business managers often don’t recognize the difference and benefits of parked domains vs addon domains. In reality, both of these domains provide value to a business if implemented correctly.

What is a parked domain?

A parked domain is a kind of domain that you have purchased from the Provider, however, this domain does not fulfil the role of a primary business domain. A Primary business domain is the one where your primary website is hosted and also is associated with your email address. Thus parked domains are not associated with the business email addresses. Many hosting companies provide parked domains free of cost or with minimal charges. So the business owner can get flexibility in figuring out how to handle their parked domains.

How are parked domains handled?

Parked domains are handled in either of the 3 ways:

  1.   A “Coming soon “message or a “Launching soon” web page is provided giving the users a hint that the website isn’t launched yet.
  2.   A webpage that presents ads to the visitors, thereby increasing revenue stream via ads using the parked domain
  3.   A web page of a full-fledged website can be used in place of a parked domain that is directly associated with the business owners’ primary domain.

What is NOT a Parked domain?

Many times, visitors face issues while viewing a webpage where the page says “The site can’t be reached”. It should; be noted that these are not parked domains. This message simply means that the domain hasn’t been purchased yet, thus it has not been parked yet. With that said, one thing is clear: Parked domains are “Parked” indicating, they are registered and their fees are being paid. Ultimately it guarantees the business owners that their exclusive access is provided seamlessly.

Reserving a Parked Domain is a good choice

With new trends emerging in the IT market, it is a smart choice to register potentially promising domain names as early as possible before someone else registers them. Many times, the registration process takes a little longer than expected and thus the domain name you require is already registered. Thus, meanwhile your website is being developed, it is always a good choice to register the domain of your choice

Parked Domains come in handy while rebranding business

If there is a case where your business is rebranded, your old business website should be parked, at least for a while. This will ensure that your customers who recognize you with the old brand name, are still connected to you and you can move them all to the new brand before selling out the old domain.

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