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Do you know there is a big market of domain name registrations and you can benefit from it by having the right domain names list.  Domainers who are into the business of domain buying and selling may not be aware of the wide possibilities that can bring profit to the business!

Is there a discount if domains are bought in bulk?

The answer is Yes! Domain services offer high discounts for bulk registrations. For example, the bulk pricing program offers a $5 discount per domain for a year, if you spend $500 a year. In order to register a domain, you need to register to iNET first. Once that is done, you can go to the marketplace and see what option do you have for domain buying

What are bulk discount levels?

Many organizations offer multiple levels of discount. For example, some companies offer a 10% discount for every 21 – 50 domains registrations. 15% discount for registration of 51 – 100 domains. Additionally, a 20% discount for 101 – 500 domains and finally a 25% discount for 501+ domains. Being a hosting provider or a domain buyer, you can avail this opportunity, you can get your allotted domain discount.

These levels are pre-decided by the provider.  The discounts are usually offered while the customer pays in advance. But what about those who do not wish to pay in advance? Well, if there’s a will, there’s a way. There is a solution to that too!

If you wish to get such discounts without paying in advance, you can be eligible for the discounts once your purchases reach the threshold limit e.g. $500 throughout the year. You’ll be eligible for a discount the next time you go for domain name registrations. 


iNET Marketplace makes domain buy and sell easier

iNET Systems deals with domain names related processes including domain buy and sell, domain parking With iNET Systems, you can sell your domain your way. There is an escrow service that makes you avoid spammers from coming to you and buying your unused domain. A domain marketplace is a place where you can easily place your domain at your own price rate. 

With iNet Systems, there are No Hidden costs. You get to experience a simple and smooth domain trading process.  The transfer method is streamlined and secure. You can also get an SSL Certificate for your new domain. In addition to this, you can get essential apps for your newly bought domain too. Our partners are happy with the secure and smooth process with us.

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Buy or Sell Domains with our interconnected robust ecosystem


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