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How to Register a domain in 5 easy steps


Planning to start a new business? You need to register a domain if you need a business website for the purpose. Or even if you’re planning to start a blog. You need to find a domain name that suits your niche to get started with it.

Why do I need a domain?

In order to have a digital identity, businesses need a website to showcase their services. If you are planning for a business or a blog, domain is the first thing you need to get your hands on. Domain name registration is being carried out in huge numbers. An estimated 56500+ domains were registered in 2020 alone. People register domains with ICANN as we speak. You can use the ICANN registration data lookup tool to know about registration data for domain names.

How much does a domain cost?

Domain costs depend on the provider of the domain. TLD’s or Top level domains cost more. .com domains are most professional looking and are even modern devices friendly (.com button is built in-to the phones these days!) A good domain can cost around $14.99 / year. A lot of entrepreneurs consider their domain name as their digital asset. Thus, investing in this asset is beneficial in the longer run.

How to register the domain?

Before buying the domain, you need to search for a domain name. If the domain you are looking for is available, you can buy it directly. However, if it is not, you need to perform a Domain name search. You also need to decide which TLD to go for country-specific TLDs or generic Top-level domains.

Once you have chosen which domain to buy, you need to find a domain name registrar. A domain name registrar provides services of domain name registration to users. A lot of domain name registrars are present and offering services in the online market. You can even go and find a domain in a domain marketplace. If you like to take any domain for a price, you can buy it from the seller directly.

To register a domain, you must perform the following steps:

  • Register on the website

You need to have your account before you register a domain

  • Select your plan

Many providers have plans like basic, Plus, Prime

  • Review package information

Providers offer package services like Site Backup, Security Find, Search Engine jump start etc.

  • Check Domain add-ons

Depending upon the type of your domain, you can add domain add ons like Shopping cart, Google suite with customized email etc.

  • Review Billing and Payment methods

Now you can choose a suitable payment method and proceed with buying the domain.


Can I Buy a Domain permanently?

No, it is not possible. All domains on the internet have to be renewed on a yearly basis. In case your domain has expired, it can be bought by any other person on the web. However, most domain providers ask you to buy a domain or renew it in a grace period. If you wish to renew your domain, you can do so, otherwise, you will lose control over your domain. You can verify your ownership of that domain by contacting the provider. Verification of ownership is a process where you make sure you still own the site.

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