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How to Sell a Domain Name?


There are a couple of things you need to determine before you sell your domain name. First, you need to know how much it is worth. Based on your domain name’s suffix (TLD) like .com or .org, you can know its worth. Once you determine the approximate value of your domain name, you need to decide how you are going to sell the domain. It is via a domain selling marketplace or a simple domain auction site. iNET offers an attractive Marketplace where you can list your domain at a price that You Choose. With iNET Marketplace, it gets easier to showcase your domain name and the buyers approach you for purchasing the unused domain. iNET marketplace allows for easy and secure domain transferring and payments to ensure you are well protected from scams. Your contact information really matters so you need to make sure it is public and accessible via the WHOIS directory. In this way, if someone wishes to buy your domain (that you already own), the buyer can contact you via the WHOIS directory and offer his price.

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Buy or Sell Domains with our interconnected robust ecosystem


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