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How are domain names organized and managed?


Domain names are organized in specialized databases. These databases are part of the worldwide system of domain registrars. The mapping of IP names corresponding to human-readable hostnames is done via DNS (Domain Name System). The domain names are a combination of second-level domains and top-level domains. The second-level domain is the human-readable hostname of the domain. The other type Top...

Why Registering the right top-level domain is essential for business?


A Top-level domain has the tendency to boost the status of your business to the next level. Registering the Right domain is important for your business popularity and search engine rankings. It should be very well thought of and above all, it should be available for domain registration. A lot of companies do domain buy or sell the business and their focus is on TLDs. Together Top-level domains...

Buy or Sell Domains with our interconnected robust ecosystem

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